Coq fier
Coq fier

Oil - 30 X 30 Inches

3005$ CAD

Born in Quebec City in 1960. At the age of fifteen, it was already too late to retreat and change the course of destiny: Pierre had just been stung by the insect which transmits the incurable virus of artistic creation. Artist one day, artist always!

After completing a professional course in photography, Pierre enrolled in the Cégep where he began studies in fine arts that led him on his appetite. Although he did not like the teaching of the arts in general, he admits that the studies have brought him a global knowledge of art and culture.
He believes it is important in his trade to have a global vision of artistic production even if it may affect his own inspiration. "You can not build yourself from A to Z. It's very good to have influences that must be channeled, nurtured, digested and this must be born of an entity. To cut off the culture is to cut off a magnificent means of transport! Pierre Bédard wanted to teach fine arts, but the prospects of employment were not favorable. Instead, he chose to become an artist.

In the works of Pierre Bédard, light, emotion and the very texture of the painting transcend the tamed image, the ultimate effect of which is to touch the sensitive cords of the viewer. Pierre likes to reproduce real scenes by adding an impressionist touch. "I try to do things that breathe, that vibrate."
For Pierre, it is important to insist on the fundamental quality that every artist must possess, namely hard work: "In this job, you must be disciplined if you want to have a following in your work and to achieve something. You have to paint every day to make quick progress.  But Pierre will not fail to add that we must also and above all "be as honest as possible towards ourselves and the work we produce. "

Pierre wishes to have all his life the opportunity to work and express himself through painting. "I want to give myself the chance to evolve at my own pace, in a favorable context and to concretize my dream, my ideal: to paint. It's a privilege to earn a living by doing a job like that. "