Born in 1950 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Normand Boisvert has been a self-taught painter since 1965. Since then, many people have followed Normand's journey. From the figurative of his beginnings through his black period, his nudes of colors that would lead to what seems to be his true orientation as other artists, the landscape.

The work of Normand Boisvert is extremely surprising. It is a swarm of sinuous forms with a pronounced and colored spatial constitution of lively and suave tones at the same time. An intense life palpitates within this amalgam of intertwined forms. This art is of total originality and represents with a magisterial form a remarkable formal evidence. An expressive treatment literally gives life to his works. This is the path taken by Normand Boisvert, that of having his talent recognized by a critic who can not be mistaken, "the public"; One who loves or dislikes, one of the most severe judges of the art.  

Awards & Recognition

The La Minerve Cup, 1977

Medal of the Festival, 1976,

1st prize Festival of the Painting of Quebec, 1975


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