Enamelist painter

Born in Lachine, Quebec, Canada

At the crossroads of fire and passion

At the age of ten this great fan of nature and art in all its forms started her first formal artistic training, including drawing, under the expert tutelage of the Sisters of St. Anne. Three years of charcoal and five years of oil painting followed, including occasional courses with different media. It was there that she discovered copper enameling for the first time.

Tirelessly striving to open up new horizons, Lorraine Bouchard enrolled in 1970 in evening classes at the Museum of Fine Arts to perfect her mastery of live models. Her artistic research continued over the years until 2001, when she renewed her training in enamel on copper, and it was literally love at first sight!

The year 2005 opened the doors of a first art gallery to her, and encouraged her a year later, to leave her job to devote all her time to her art. In 2007, her meeting with the renowned Ontario enamelist Fay Rooke was decisive. At the top of her art, Fay helped her discover new techniques which she could apply to her work. In the same year the artist acquired a new oven that can accommodate large formats.

In 2008, a fascinating course in Limoges added to her skills and confirmed the versatility of her work. Lorraine Bouchard got busy painting forests, portraits, life, light ....

Lorraine Bouchard works her magic on sheets of copper by alternating layers of glass powder, and firing to make fascinating landscapes of images in her daily life. It is an art where fire and passion come together. The high point of various exhibitions saw the works of Lorraine Bouchard crossing the ocean to the Palais des Festivals in Cannes and to the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, where she had been selected by the SNBA to join the Canadian delegation in 2011.

Copper enameling is a little-known medium. Not content to devote herself entirely to creating, she chose to teach others as well. “This art is wonderful”, she says. “We must experiment, make it progress and evolve. This medium allows depths which are totally inaccessible in painting alone”.

Lorraine Bouchard is a recognized professional artist with the following accreditations:

(RAAV)    Association of Quebec Visual Artists
(IAA)       International Association of Art
(ES)        The Enamelist Society
(CMAQ)   Quebec Professional Craft Artists
(AHA)      Hudson Artists