Pierre Bouchard is a native of Lac St-Jean and currently lives and works in Quebec. He studied advertising design and cartoon animation. He created a few animated films and four cartoons, he is an illustrator and publishes fanatic magazines. Alongside these practices, he is interested in contemporary art and has began to create self-taught fashion pieces. He became known in 2002 with the exhibitions at the Galerie Rouje. In 2008, the production is more constant and exhibited for the first time in the form of paintings in 2009 under the pseudonym Newjoecool. After this followed many other exhibitions and accomplishments where themes and concepts follow one another. He explores the norms of classical themes such as nature, birds, fish, fruits or hockey. Conservative in the more modern subjects in image processing, the image is purified, bright colors and spontaneous gesture. There is often an addition of words to the spray and stencil. The result is documentary or poster advertising. Graphite, acrylic, watercolor, oil, charcoal and aerosol are used as mediums. The subjects are then in the life experiences of the artist. On the other side of the mirror, there is Newjoecool, another identity with which it exists. Linked to the discovery of graffiti in 2008 and the desire to express itself with this language, Newjoecool plays in its own way with the codes of this artistic current. The invention of a character-mascot is necessary (a bear), then it is repeated and repeated on the walls, painted on scraps of wood found in the street. The invention of a pictorial grammar is developed and serves works of colored and colorful corpus. The gesture becomes wild, spontaneous and contrasts with the work of Pierre Bouchard. The sale of derivative products brings a new audience to take an interest in contemporary art through a desecration of the art object. He is also interested in civic life and is involved as an artist in many causes, including a project in Haiti and northern Quebec, a mini-basketball league for underprivileged children and a youth center. At first glance, one might believe two types of work impermeable to each other but it is not. We could even say that it balances itself in the manner of yin and yang. Newjoecool comes to vandalize a certain serenity, the comfort of the works of Pierre Bouchard coming shouting in passing: '' It is not serious! ''.