Born in 1975 in Cap-à-l'Aigle in Charlevoix, where he still lives, Brisson devotes himself to the sculpture of wood from stone and steel. He is an inspired and committed artist, the material is for him the starting point of his creations. The energy and beauty of his country, nourishes his need to create, transform the matter. Brisson is an artist who feeds on his encounters of his travels and the research related to his creation. He is known for his implications and his interest to leave his trace on the world. He participated in several international events which enabled him to discover the diversity of the world. 

But his work as a sculptor is a daily exercise where every day brings its result which allows the artist to evolve to understand more and more the true meaning of his destiny while accepting with humility his limits but constantly trying to manage the riches that nature provides him. Martin continues his work by thinking that art should become more prevalent in towns and villages, gardens, schools and all places of everyday life. As for his own works, he caresses the ambition that people recognize themselves in them, that they feel concerned by them and that they adopt them. His search for the harmony of forms and colors can not be dissociated from that of making his art accessible and unifying.