Meditative and introspective, the work of Jacline Bussières unveiled philosophical concerns, existential and fundamentally humanistic. 
The artist who has 50 years of prolific work, has earned the highest distinctions of the art of enamel, today expresses mainly painting and sculpture. Silhouettes and evanescent profiles traced on the textured surfaces of her paintings as on rock walls, archaic and angular figures immortalized in bronze or stone,
human in all its inner splendor and identical and central.
Gods, emperors, migrants or heroes of legends, it takes a break to see emerge one by one the multiple entities that she paints, shapes, juxtaposes and coexists in the same pictorial space 
or at each angle of the same carved piece. They find themselves incarnated in the hues of earth, fire and anthracite, in dense matter and in generally asymmetrical constructions.
The dynamics of each composition is in fact based on a quest for formal equilibrium, aesthetic but also symbolic.

Jacline Bussières has always been inspired by her personal journey, rich in questions, poetry and mythical stories. At once individual, family, clan and community, all bearers of affective memories, experiences of past and inward life, the ageless beings she gives to see are the reflection of an intimate and universal consciousness. The exploration of original forms, both primitive and modern, gives her art a timeless dimension. Recently, the artist integrates collages and fragments of writing into her pieces.
Her groups of characters, on the verge of oblivion, seem to be more camped in attitudes of recollection and abandonment. Elsewhere, in a recent series of busts, she gives different treatment to the profiles of the same face. 
On one side the light caressing the smooth volumes evokes a serene beauty; on the other, deep asperities are part of the patina of bronze, like wounds in the flesh. Singular and plural presence contrasts and dualities, both love and embrace, pain and loneliness, vulnerability and strength, cry and silence, shadow and light,
this is the human nature that it applies to make visible to the eye.