Spending all her time painting, creating for her is an essential need that offers her a great freedom, plunging her into a universe where she pushes the limits.

Her desire is to transmit through her work: love, joy, passion and the beauty of life ... by offering her audience an eternal present moment perfumed with sweetness in this world where everything jostles. Her paintings are sold throughout Canada and the United States as much to individuals as to corporations. From there, her paintings travel all over the world.

A native of Montreal, painter Danielle Champoux, from a very young age, expressed her many artistic talents on all occasions and in various forms. After exploring, studying and experiencing different avenues, she definitely chooses painting.

For some years now, Danielle Champoux has been painting works in search of a style that reinvents the way flowers are painted. Of a jovial and broken nature, her own personality tints her works of strong emotions and bright colors, releasing sensuality and exaltation. The glossy finish combines elegant shapes and textures to pay tribute to the present message of each piece.

In a praise to femininity, the artist dances with the intensity of colors and textures with grace and refinement. Creating an impression of three-dimensionality in her works, she exposes all the strength and status of acrylic. This amalgam will make the work of Danielle Champoux a completely contemporary approach to a subject as timeless.

For some time now, she has also presented us with paintings of modern cities with multiple reflections and bright colors, faithful to her style.

The latter uses a mixed technique on canvas. She paints acrylic while exploiting airbrush, charcoal, gel, structural mortar as well as cotton and sand. To apply the acrylic, Danielle Champoux has a way of her own to melt the colors in each other with her hands. The whole, acting as catalyst of lights and looks, the paintings, all equally different from each other, create by their vibrancy, a unique moving encounter with the spectator.