Anne-Marie Ciccariello chose watercolor or it's the other way around. It was more than twenty years ago, but we must go back much further to discover that art has always been a place of choice in the life of the Montrealer of Italian origin, from a young age, was fascinated by drawing, color, creativity and of course, watercolor. Anne-Marie Ciccariello prefers to continue to empirement with watercolor, a medium that represents a technical challenge in itself, but that has all other dimension to light, emotions and colors. "I prefer to choose a variety of topics rather than with a precise account to better express my emotions. I travel a lot and I paint a lot on the emotional. I am looking for emotion, color and light. Subjects like landscapes, flowers, moving characters and horses inspire me. " Self-taught painter, Anne-Marie Ciccariello appreciates every moment that she gets with her art, that it is cultivated full-time. She has enriched her approach. Artistic by following several workshops (drawing, watercolor, oil, pastel, living model, painting on the motif). Her style, she is definitely semi-figurative.