Believe in yourselves. Listen to your inner voice. Follow your dream. "Corno

Armed with a diploma in Fine Arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal, Corno decided to pursue her career as a painter. Soon after, she had her first performance at the Clarence Gagnon Gallery in Montreal.

By the end of the 1980s, she had become the darling of Montreal collectors and was one of Québec's most sought-after artists. Her reputation extendes to the rest of Canada and is exhibited in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver. Her works were presented at the Pavillon du Québec at Expo 86 in Vancouver, which greatly contributed to her development. At that time, she was represented by the Yves Laroche Gallery and became one of the most respected artists in the country.

On the strength of these successes, Corno turned to the United States where she made her appearance at the Morgan Gallery in Boston and at the University of San Diego. But she was challenged by New York City and moved to New York in 1992. She first participated in group exhibitions and many artistic events. Next in the footsteps of Georgia O'Keefe and Salvador Dali, she exhibited at Steuben Glass Gallery on Madison Avenue in New York. Everything indicated that the best was to come!

The new millennium brought Corno to the Opéra Gallery in Soho. In only a few years, she became the most sought after of their contemporary artists. Her works are permanently in New York, London, Paris, Venice, Monaco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Dubai.

The international success of Corno is phenomenal. Her fiery dichotomies, her new expressionism style combining meticulous figurative details have a bold contemporary resonance. Her coloring, everything from brillo allied to its intense textures and its generous strokes of brushes do everything to tickle the eye.

The year 2009 is already full. With an ever-increasing demand for her work, Corno will have had a major solo exhibition at Opera Gallery Singapore in March, followed by her first solo exhibition at Opéra Gallery Dubai in April. A highlight of this year's event is the fact that the Jazz Festival of Montreal has chosen the guest artist as the Jazz Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of Corno's artistic career. The Jazz Festival commissioned a work that was unveiled in mid-June at the launch of the new Festival Gallery. The AKA Gallery had its Spring Vernissage in tandem with this prestigious event and will have an important one in the fall. During the summer, the Thompson Landry Gallery in Toronto also celebrates a birthday celebrating Corno's work. Another major exhibition is scheduled this fall at the Opera Gallery in London.

These exhibitions followed a remarkable series in 2008. She first exhibited at the Opéra Hong Kong Gallery with unprecedented success. Then it was the turn of Paris to welcome her, followed closely by a group exhibition MADE IN NY where her works were juxtaposed with those of the American masters who influenced her, including Warhol in particular. Then, the AKA Gallery in Montreal unrolled the red carpet, and then it was celebrated again with Roc-Roussey & Corno, another important exhibition at the New York Opera Gallery. 

This international rise has taken place in stages. In 2007, Corno was the guest of honor at the Fido Spot in Toronto where her works were shown on Canada's largest outdoor digital screen. Prior to Dela, her work was the focal point of Luminato, Toronto's Festival of Arts and Creativity, as well as being exhibited at the Thompson Landry Gallery.

In 2006, it was the opening of the Galerie AKA in Montreal which exclusively represents the works of Corno. An event that did not go unnoticed in the media of Montreal which granted her the news headline! Earlier this year, Corno was Cirque du Soleil's guest artist for their premiere in Alegria at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London. In addition, her work was featured in the VIP lounge as well as the sumptuous Roof Gardens arranged in spectacular fashion for the occasion, as well as the Opéra Gallery in London. Two other exhibits worth mentioning include the Left Coast Gallery in Los Angeles and the Hong Kong Opera Gallery.

Highlights to note in 2005: an interview by the director Bernard Hébert, recipient of an Emmy Award for his film L'Art du Nude which was launched at the International Festival of Films on Art and then broadcast on the Bravo networks! , ART-TV, France 5 and Radio-Canada. Prior to this, at the Massive Media Techno-Graffiti event in the upscale Columbus Circle and Union Square in New York, Corno's art was shown to New Yorkers and tourists on Buildings with state-of-the-art technologies. At the beginning of the year, Corno was the guest artist of the New York Train Paris, an international fashion event that attracts designers, museum curators, diplomats and celebrities, where she created a spectacular 14-meter mural.

The international list of museums, corporations and public and private collections continues to grow on several continents. In 2009, Corno was honored to be named by MORE MAGAZINE as one of Canada's Top 40 Women Over 40 Years. Then it was Chatelaine's turn to include her in the 100-100 Women's Club that marked Quebec. Through hard work and perseverance, Corno is in an enviable position. This is why she encourages young artists to do like her, to follow their dream because sometimes dreams come true ...