Born in Miami in 1984, the artist holds dual North American nationality. CCB grew up in Quebec City where she earned her Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2006 from Laval University in Quebec City. Cynthia was also trained as a dancer and for several years, she has taken part in many different dance/animation performances throughout Quebec. Starting when she was very young, her parents focused a great deal on both artistic and athletic expression, which helped her to develop her own language. She has been especially interested in dance, which has helped her develop her personality, and an aesthetic perspective closely linked to the body, which she has explored through the practice of painting. CCB began her professional artistic career at the Marius Barbeau Museum with her first solo exhibition, Traces corporelles, in 2006. She has continued to gain experience through exhibits in various galleries and private companies, through awards and collective events between Miami and Quebec.

CCB draws her inspiration from the body and the experience of humankind, using a creative approach that focuses on an organic reconstruction of the body through specific fragments. Her great sensitivity is based on her exploration of identity and existence. Her points of reference are the body and its evolution, including both corporal degeneration and mutation. Her visual work is also been developed through her interests in performance arts, the effects of space, organic form and interior strengths. Through her work, the artist has introduced us to her internal world that explores the soul and matter, conscience and the universe.

Cynthia Coulombe-Bégin has participated in numerous live painting performances in Florida and Quebec and her works have been acquired by numerous private collectors in Canada, the United States, Europe, Brazil and Australia.


“My creative work is based on the metamorphic interpretation of our internal identity in relation to the image we project. I am particularly interested in the fragmented corporal shell, which I emphasize through spontaneous movement and vivid colours. My experience with painting has led me to see things differently, to self-discovery and to great astonishment. A movement from the outside to the inside takes shape and begins to resemble a quest for invisible energy and total union between the body and the mind.

The notion of performance, the search for identity, and the exposure of the body to an explosive universe are indicative of my desire cast light on all the beauty and vulnerability of our existence through a single image. I think of my painting in the same way I would stage a performance. I explore the limits of the figurative representation of the body which I may disguise through colours, radiance and textures. The representation of the external person towards the interior being focused on the visible and the invisible, the material and the immaterial.  It is with a spirit of great freedom that I explore being, the universe and the infinite. »

Hence the painting of this young artist has been very much influenced over time by the performance arts. Her works portray specific parts of the human body, especially large close-up portrayals of the mouth and the eyes shown in great contrasts of color and chiaroscuro. The abstract universe in which the symbols, chosen by the artist, are portrayed is constructed through specific gesture and the process of drippings that create a sense of movement. The images created by Cynthia Coulombe Bégin are marked with symbolism and eroticism.