Born in 1960, Denis lives and works in Montreal. An intimate painter he finds his subjects in the theater behind closed doors of human relations. It is in search of privileged private moments that he ventures into this confrontation with the canvas where feelings 
and aesthetic requirements will merge in complete freedom. Already at the moment when the sketch begins, one discovers the scenes and the characters in gestation in his imagination. Denis Desjarlais reconciles the narrative with an analytical vision of emotions. His work intrudes into the intimacy of every facet of the feelings of being. All these heads think and all these physiognomies express a true feeling. Each character expresses an infinite sweetness by their powerful gaze, or the bitter pain by the bitter impression of a terrible mask. It is the expression of strength, that of a vital ardor for grasping this fugitive world.
His scenes lead us into a time when, as in poetry, everything must be said in a few words, in little space. Forms, situations, murmured and fugitive intentions and a fixed time in a limited space (the canvas) keeping the vigor of the movement.
One would think you could hear the noises of the scene. It is the reign of the moment. Having touched video, installation and the artist's book, Denis Desjarlais favors painting because it is in the spontaneity of the gesture that resides all the mystery of the power of the image. Official recognition, prizes: 1st Prize, La Jeune Peinture Symposium, Baie-St-Paul, 1991. Cover-Media: Journal, Le Progrès, Mâcon, 1996 / Life of the Arts, Montreal, 09-1991 / Journal, Le Devoir, Montreal, 09-1991.