Popular Quebec art is characterized by the simplicity of its form and by the richness of its colour. As a result of restoring  antique Quebec furniture, Michel Fortin, originally from Quebec City has become familiar with the work methods of his ancestors.

Little by little, his creativity has brought him to explore this realm through his sculptures. By observing the wood's colour, texture, finish, and degradation caused over time by wear, he has been able to imagine what was very probably an object's original

state even though the object has existed for over a hundred years.

All of the parts for his pieces are made out of pine which are used for the fabrication of the toys and objects. They  are connected using pegs and are coated with exceptional colours that are mixed and created from scratch so that they are truly unique to each piece and unique to his works.

Michel strives to create works that will surprise us all with beauty, colour and textures that only he can create in his unique way. Each part is hand-made; therefore, each piece is unique and genuinely of Quebec origin.