Le passage
Le passage

Oil - 20 X 20 Inches

1339$ CAD

Born in 1952 in Brussels, Belgium, a self-taught painter, this artist loves beautiful places that breathe and seduce. Her eyes as a painter have led her throughout the world, notably in Canada, Polynesia and the USA where she reinforces her technique by working with the painter Jackson Collins. At our first meeting, the painter opens a path of dreams where the soul of the creator, as if by magic, leads us and then leaves us without our being aware of it, letting us pursue the journey in a direction that is ours. It establishes a dialogue, extends the web and conveys the gaze beyond to other realities transposed, to other spaces...to the extravagances of the dream. His creation then emerges as a buried memory.
Viviane Guy knows how to grasp every moment of life, every look of wonder, every shudder of heart to crimp it in the context of a permanent happiness. It only wants to show life that which it offers of pleasure and certainty. She is resolutely optimistic. Her Art is healthy, sensual and tender, radiant with joy and naturalness. The look she carries on the world is benevolent, rich in poetic fertility, it is the look of a humanist. Viviane Guy defines the art of painting as the continuity of her childhood and considers that her productions have no other function than to tame the viewer so that he can decode its meaning.

2000   Moorea,  Hôtel Sheraton.                                                                       

2000   Zurich,  Salon « New Art »

2001   Shanghai, Salon « Art Fair »                                                                 

2001   Pekin,  Salon “China Art Exposition”                                                

2001   St. Tropez, Salon international.

2001   Tahiti, Galerie des tropiques.

2002   Paris, Bastille, salon international.

2002   Paris, Les halles, salon international.

2002   Andorre, Salon international.

2002   Cannes, Salon international.

2003   Paris,  Bastille, salon international.

2003   Valbonne,  Salon international.

2004   Londres, Salon, « Olympia Art Fair »

2005   Suisse, Palais Besenval.

2005   Grenoble, Galerie Voltaire.

2006   Londres, vente aux enchères « Art of peace »

2006   Nice, Plaza Hotel, exposition personnelle.

2007   Québec, vente aux enchères caritative.

2008   New York, Salon « Artexpo »

2009   Genève, Salon « Europ’Art 

2015   Nantes,  Salon ART 3F.                                                     

2015   Rennes,  Salon ART 3F.

2015   Istanbul, Galerie C.A.

2016   Nantes, Salon ART 3F

2016   Istanbul, Galerie C.A.