Jacques Hébert lives in Quebec during the cold season and in the small Charlevoix village of Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive, at the first signs of spring. 
His field of action extends from the North Shore to the coast of New England. Since the 1990s, France and Switzerland have also been seduced by man and his work.
Formed at the École des Maîtres Américains, including Webb, Tony Couch, Betty Lou Schlem, Carlton Plummer, John Pike and Georges Carpenter, he taught himself in Quebec and in New England.
The quality and spontaneity of his demonstrations make him a professor much sought after by painters' associations and the general public. He is also co-founder of the Canadian Watercolor Society. The luminosity and transparency of his works, the lines drawn in one stroke, the choice of themes such as the river, the landscapes and the Quebec homes of eastern Quebec make his work unique and well recognizable.
His perseverance, skill and enthusiasm are determining factors in his success. His works were selected by the Athlete's Gala Corporation from 1991 to 1997 to be presented as trophies to Canadian athletes who distinguished themselves during the year.