Oil - 6 X 36 Inches

961$ CAD


Stefan Horik was born in Quebec City in 1965. During the first seven years of his life, he followed his parents who had travelling running in their blood until the time when the whole family settled down on an old farm in the County of Charlevoix, located east of Quebec City.  He spent a happy childhood in a place where backyard farming was still thriving. What better life for someone who loves nature and the outdoors?

After moving to Charlevoix, his father started to paint full time. So Stefan was introduced quite early to painting and travelling. However, he chose music as his form of expression. He even studied for two years at the Quebec Conservatory of Music in Quebec City before realizing that he didn't burn with enthusiasm for music. That's when he decided to study at the Université de Sherbrooke to become a bachelor in computer science: it seemed there were lots of career prospects in the field … It was at that time that he went back to drawing more seriously.

Stefan graduated in 1989 and rather than going to work in a big city like most of his schoolmates, he came back to Baie-Saint-Paul in Charlevoix to set up a computer company and he started to paint in his spare time.

He developed a real passion for painting, and in 1996, he took part for the first time in the annual Panorama exhibition at the Centre d’art de Baie-Saint-Paul. The sales of his paintings that summer encouraged him to keep going and his passion for painting grew only more intense.

In 2001, he sold his small computer company to dedicate himself entirely to painting. He then held his first solo exhibition, which was a big success. At first, it was natural for him to paint mostly Charlevoix-inspired figurative scenes because he had admired the region's landscapes all his life and he also had his father as a "mentor" for many years. However, as time went by, Stefan felt like exploring other paths and he started to do very spontaneous paintings using palette knifes exclusively and a more contemporary style.

This success encouraged Stefan to further develop the technique and now his whole gallery network shows them on their walls. Stefan says that it's not a roundabout turn, but rather a natural development towards a more personal style.