Oil - 20 X 24 Inches

1257$ CAD

Even since he was a child, Gérard Lapointe has always been fascinated by art. This attraction first led him to make use of this talent as a draughtsman. However, he quickly acquired such skilfulness at this technique that he soon decided to switch to painting, which he felt was a more suited medium to express his artistic aspirations.

Blessed with an inborn curiosity, his skills allowed him to appraoch art with a stock of technical knowledge that enabled him to develop a very particular and methodical approach towards painting.

Like many artists of his generation, Gérard Lapointe first persued a career that had nothing to do whith the drawing paper or the canvass. However, his passion for art was so great that he decided, as early as in the 1980’s, to launch out into painting. Since then, his paintbrush has never been idle.

Lapointe strongly believes that the only way for an artist to capture with accuracy all the subleties of colours is to get close to the “object” and practise his art in the great outdoors. It is this close scrutiny of nature that allows the artist to fully express his creativity, in purely abstract scenes inspired from nature, when hidden deep in the forest or surrounded by rivers, lakes and mountains. Also, he will often let his eyes be caught by panarama or a peaceful contryside landscape where a spontanous emotion can transform objective reality into a more personal vision.

His works are easily recognizable by the manner in which he translates and creates colours to give new life and added beauty to his pictural world. His painting, full of vigor, nonetheless radiate poetry and serenity which flow from the magical and extraordinary beauty of the changing seasons.

Always in search of excellence, Lapointe relentlessly works at improving and enriching his art and skills. He rarely stops experimenting, searching or reading up on special painting techniques.

He believes painting is a medium by which our soul goes through its creative process. What he is basically trying to do is to appeal to our minds by using the power of image and thus trigger off our emotions. To do so, he works to extract from nature or from the “objet” a universal meaning that can establish a dialogue with the onlooker by going beyond  the plastic expression itself...wich is the aim persued by all artist.