Jocelyne Lapointe was born in 1947 in Montreal. Self-taught painter, she studied the history of art, especially the great French masters of the beginning of the century. The chance of the encounters puts on her route landscapes compatriots - Jean-Louis Hébert, Marcel Hamelin, Marcel Fecteau - with whom she perfect her technique.
After her years of training, Jocelyne Lapointe set up the painting studio L'Atelier Raphaël where she produced, exhibited and taught with a few member-artists. The works she realizes then testify to her sensitivity to the approach developed by Cézanne, from whom she retains the folded plans, the complete and dense space, the quick and regular touch, the synthesis of forms constructed in colors rather than the Linear accuracy of the drawing.
Quickly, it is inspired by Matisse as she expresses her inner world in pure and frank colors, her own style. The new signature - Lpte - is displayed prominently, symbolizing its full acceptance of its status as an artist. Moreover, the compositions of the first years give way to an even more eloquent substitution of a naturalistic space towards a subjective space, which it constructs by piece, like a puzzle in superposition (Le début de l'automne, 1994, (The Week in Baie Saint-Paul, 1992, private collection, Joie de Vivre, May 1994, private collection). In these works, the themes - scenes of interior, landscapes and still-life - multiply and assemble in as many plates that are interwoven with one another.
These works testify to the artist's ceaseless quest for balance and harmony. A quest that first expresses itself on the plane of pictoriality in the arrangement of lines, colors, spaces and movement, but also in the traditional Byzantine and ukrenian (pysanky) which will have inspired Fabergé with his dazzling eggs Painted or, closer to us, to the artists of Body Painting.
Like these artists, Jocelyne Lapointe, will be free of the canvas to 2 dimensions by painting on volumetric surfaces. Since 1995, she is already practicing overflows on frames and cutting of formats (with the series of puzzles). But it is necessary to wait for the birth of a small named Tamara, child of a couple of friends, to inspire Jocelyne, a new support to her painting. The first pig piggybird was born. To date more than 2,200 pigs have seen the day.