A native of Montreal, she currently lives in Rigaud. Very young, drawing is part of her daily life, but it was not until 1980 that she became seriously interested in oil painting and began to exhibit professionally. She attended the workshop of the painter Marcel Bourbonnais and the school of painting Raymonde Lebel. All her entourage and experiences of happy life in family oriented her towards a natural career. For a few years, she concentrated her pictorial research on the color and the creation of familiar scenes, often of a past time where mostly merry children .
As Suzanne Lettelier says in her report on Magazin'art: "Transmitting the joy of living and integrating the beauty of nature remains at the very heart of Nicole Laporte's work. Each of her accomplishments reveals a little moment of happiness crunched on the spot, presented with candor and sincerity ... Always attracted by the story, she chose to make paintings that recount scenes of life stemming from her own roots Almost as a collection of Quebec heritage news would do. When one looks at one's work, one feels the activity that takes place there and one easily imagines the facts that surround it thanks to the many details scattered everywhere.

It is as if a storyteller made us hear a story with all the expressiveness of its different intonations, but with the eyes. "
The subjects of some paintings make us retreat until the 1920s. This is to counterbalance the fast life of today. While admiring the quiet scenes of this era, the artist makes us realize that the true "crazy years" are not the ones we think.
Nicole Laporte by her scenes featuring her band of merry kids, appeals to this little child who sleeps in each of us and who asks only to awaken. Struck with a little nostalgia, with a little pinch in the heart, we tell these familiar stories that embellished the everyday of our childhood, especially if she was happy. At home, art is evocation, painting is a memory of happiness. We wish Madame Laporte to continue to tell us beautiful stories for a long time. Her paintings do us good.