Bouquet de vie
Bouquet de vie

- 48 X 24 Inches

2022$ CAD
Fin de saison
Fin de saison

- 24 X 18 Inches

1096$ CAD

- 6 X 12 Inches

439$ CAD

Self-taught painter, I love working with the beauty, power and versatility of colors. It is not surprising that nature, its changes of seasons, its light, constitute my deep inspiration.

To paint, I channel all the positive emotions that inhabit me by connecting me to my soul, by a ritual that is my own. The colors fascinate me, I like to play with the possibilities they offer me. Colored by instinct, it is with great blows of spatula, directed here and there, that the pigments are placed on my canvas like a lyrical symphony which leads me to feel all the vibrations that surround me. This gesture, which in a theatrical movement brings me to total freedom, is a vital need for me.

Solo Exhibitions

2012-2010-2008  Old Presbytery, Sainte-Flavie

2012 / Grand Theater of Quebec

2011 / Magella Paradis Gallery, Quebec

2005 / UQAR, Rimouski

2003 / Gallery At a Glance, Rimouski

Collective exhibitions

2013 / Chemillé, France

2012 / Agora Gallery, New York / catalog

2011 / Moulin des Jésuites, Québec City and Area

2010 / "Autumn Dream", Baie-St-Paul

2012-2010 / «Atelier Ouvert», JP Lemieux Room, Québec / catalog

2008 / Funeral Cooperative of Rimouski, Rimouski

2008-2004 / At the Coin de la Baie, Métis-Sur-Mer

2005 / Museum of Tunis, Tunisia