Oil - 20 X 24 Inches

3605$ CAD

Born in 1947 in the Gaspé peninsula, Albini Leblanc grew up with his Acadian family in a little village in the mountains. Formerly a teacher, he left behind the comfort of this job in 1984 and decided to devote himself completely to his art. He then moved to Montreal with his family, in order to be closer to the art market and important galleries there.

Having always been inspired by the ocean, mountains and forests, he discovered a new inspiration with the traditional architecture of some of the city’s older neighbourhoods that are lined with century-old trees, and he started to paint urban scenes. As a result,  he was quickly noticed by a Montreal art gallery and his career took off.

A few years later, he moved to Quebec City where he still lives and works. In 1996, a major transformation  in his style gave more expression to his paintings. He left behind the rigid frame of architectural drawing to give more movement to the shapes of  his forms and buildings which leaves the viewer with an even more striking impression when admiring his work.