Talented in crafts and drawing since I was a child, I never imagined my life without art. I was still a little girl when I came to Canada, and my feelings grew as I experienced new cultures and studies in Montreal. I had no hesitation in joining the Fine Arts program at Dawson College and I was ready to take the path of creating my place in the arts community when I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, UQAM.
My aspiration for painting and my desire also accumulated through my experience as a graphic designer. When my father died I needed a way to create a heritage. This led me to paint flowers as a metaphor for life that is sometimes calm, energetic, and mainly focused on love.
When I started working, I first painted on the floor. It is more conducive to accidents and the pigment has the freedom to flow where it likes. Usually I let the movement of the paint to move around freely on the canvas until I feel that the flower itself is alive and blooms on the surface. Then I begin to add more detail and to develop the emotions that i am trying to convey.

Graduate in graphic design, Université du Québec à Montréal
1997 to 1999
Major in Fine Arts, Dawson College, Montreal

Member of the Korean artist of Quebec, Canada