Clément Lemieux was born in 1946 in Lévis, Quebec. He completed his black belt in judo and opened his own school in the basement of his house in Lévis where he was to meet his future wife. They decided to start a family and while the family grew Clément began to take an interest in wood and furniture manufacturing. He will turn away from cabinetmaking to take sculpture classes and perfect his skills.

The student going beyond the teacher he only followed 30 hours of the sculpture class. He closed his judo school to become a full-time artist and father of 12 children. His passion for judo has brought him a great knowledge of the human body that enriches the way he creates and positions his characters. While continuing to sculpt he has also developed his talent for abstract painting with great experience with color.

He therefore abandons his studies and applies to work following his instinct. He incorporates into his sculptures a part of himself. "You know, you can know the technique, but the rest is you," he teaches us calmly. In front of us, a series of small sculptures of raw wood, colorless, but brilliantly varnished. They are made of spruce or cherry. The growth rings of the original tree are highlighted by the stripping of the piece. Still, his characters stand by their arms, their interminable members merging admirably. Clement looks at his work, meditative, and clarifies his thought: "Every type of wood has its constraints. You overcome them, and that's how you learn. Then you put your soul into it. But your soul also has constraints, and the wood helps you overcome them! He says, his eyes bright.

Clément Lemieux is a fine example of a Canadian artist whose beginnings have been rather unorthodox, but he has shown that it is never too late to develop a passion for art.

Collections: His pieces can be found in several private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Associations: The artist joins forces with Cirque du Soleil, which distributes hundreds of its plays abroad as part of their colorful shows.