Marcou is a reflex, by conviction, by the need to express himself, by the need to give free rein to his spontaneity. His satisfaction, he finds it in the gesture, in the play of forms and colors. Is a picture of Marcou the fruit of idleness? Impossible! We should rather ask how the artist manages to reconcile his art with his many interests: his son, his work as a multimedia teacher at college, his house, travel, the outdoors...and the others...He Will not reveal its secret to us, but, surely, our man knows how to combine pleasure and work, leisure and painting.
When a scene attracts his attention, does Marcou leave his camera bag? No. He rather draws My sketchbook. Subsequently, an inner force pushing him to transform these sketches into paintings, he must immediately settle in his studio to lend life to the images that haunt his mind
Marcou was undoubtedly predestined to paint. Everyone in his family was drawing. He remembers having amused himself, in his youth not so distant, to make caricatures and then devote himself to painting. But as everything interests him, he also touches on engraving, stained glass, video and cinema; He even makes an incursion into writing and poetry. After such a journey and such experiences, it is not surprising to find his paintings today in various galleries.
As much in his representations of birds as for his other subjects, Marcou shows a style of his own. When he is told that he has an excellent mastery of all the subjects he covers, he can not help but say: "I like the theme of birds...birds speak to people, Have an endearing side. They are the only free animals that we meet as frequently and as closely. They bring life, color and spontaneity even in the most urbanized places."
If the artist does not pretend to impose a message in his paintings, it is because he wants to leave the spectator to interpret the image as he wants. His greatest desire is for the person who will acquire one of his works to be happy to look at it and to draw hope and energy from it.
As he constantly wants to renew himself, not to repeat himself, Marcou considers each creation a new challenge: "Each painting becomes an exploration. When I begin to paint, I do not know where this will lead me. What guides me is the coolness of the subject, the spontaneity of the gesture. I always hope for the moment of grace when the image is born simply. I am looking for perfection. But to achieve this ideal, I must remain honest, stay myself and respect my rhythm. I want to preserve my freedom, that of expressing myself as I see fit. "It is this freedom that allows the artist to take a certain distance from the subject, to translate it in his own style Marcou.