Greg is a B.C. artist who loves to build in his Studio/Gallery “DREAMS and FINE WORKS”. He has worked in industrial fabrication and management, with a varied background including shipbuilding, heavy duty equipment design and fabrication for the farming and forestry industries, and stainless steel design and fabrication. He has also designed, built, and marketed numerous custom residential homes.

Known for his stylized and often humorous steel sculptures, Greg’s three-dimensional works are a unique addition ot any art collection. Polished figures in flowing lines, dynamic curves, and contemporary subject matter, his sculptures range from elegant to jazzy to dreamlike. Each piece is hand-cut with an oxy-acetylene torch, which is also used to heat, curve and colour his flowing works. His hand grinder is his paintbrush. It is used to grind “brushstrokes” into the steel. Each piece is coated in quality lacquer. Greg builds anything and everything his rather innovative mind can think of. He also loves to draw,and this enables him to “see” his works before he starts building them. His musical background often surface in his work, from actual musicians to the flowing lines he feels are suggested by music. Greg’s creative use of whimsy in conjunction with his talent for sculpting has garnered the attention of private, corporate, and public collectors. His original works and commissions are featured in collections throughout North America and aas far away as Japan. He appears in the 2002 Bienniel Guide to Canadian Artists.