Born on March 30 in Victoriaville, Quebec. Her mother Aline Tremblay was the last of a family of twelve, who came from Baie-Saint-Paul. It is well known that many good painters were born or took this area as their place of residence. Her father, Georges Miller, comes from Saint-Pascal and he bought paintings such as René Richard and Cosgrove while Josée was a child. She grew up surrounded by the energy of these Quebec painters. When at ten she asks her father for a kit of oil painting and an easel, he is not surprised and it is then that the joy of creation gives birth to this passion.

After a DEC in health sciences, she reoriented for a DEC in design and interior design (1982). She works for the Galerie du Meuble and then for a private office in Québec City. She worked as a self-employed designer until 1995. In 1996 after a sabbitical she devoted herself to painting full time. Soon sketches turn into creations on canvas. Her niche is defined and its colors burst. Her universe is intimist and fanciful. The colors, shapes and details abound and there is an inviting and joyful atmosphere. Her style is quickly defined: paint the joy of living in the city. Moreover, her knowledge of architecture combine well with her sense of observation. It is often during family walks and excursions with other painters that she finds her inspiration. Her fertile imagination embellishes the dullest gardens, city blocks, backyards even an unattractive street corner. Colors, forms and details abound, the atmosphere is inviting.

On her return to Québec City in 1997, she began exhibiting in galleries, such as the Galerie des Peintres québécois in Québec City, the Koyman galleries in Ottawa and Toronto, the Relais des Épices in Montreal and the gallery Iris, in Baie-Saint-Paul. Several of her paintings have found their way into private and public collections in Canada, in the United-States, and in Europe.