Nicole Mathieu, Known as well as «Niko» was born in Montreal among an artist family. She worked in the fashion industry for several years in California and New York City, but always knew she would eventually become an artist.

Her nomadic tendancy brought her to travel in Europe and made her work in different sphères of activities until 1988. When she returned to Montreal, she studied Therapeutic Art with Nicole Bolduc, and it is then that her passion for painting took place. At that period, Niko started to devote every minute of her life to painting, which gives her an artistic equilibrium, a stability, and a discipline.

Spontaneity is extremely important in Niko’s paintings. This reflect well her personality that doesn’t accept any constraining structure. Moreover, the artist gives a wide place to imagination and play with illusions and non-verbal expressions.

Her subjects are very expressive, complex and sensual. Niko’s contrasts, her colors and her painting technique reveal masterpieces where visual kinetic masks the identity of the subject. Niko loves to deconstruct precision with her brushes to expose the vitality and the energy that abide within us. That is what she offers us on canvas. It is yours to discover…