Born in Quebec City in 1949, Guy Paquet, while leading a very complete sporting life that marries him to nature, he chooses to devote himself to painting. The silence and depth of his infinite horizons, his way of making us feel space, fascinated the public and critics very early on; Up to an important mention in the voluminous History of painting in Quebec by Guy Robert.

The painter was not even thirty years old and admired the great master Jean-Paul Lemieux ... Continuing to refine his art, he is based essentially on a magical realism in the treatment of the landscape, and his work is full of signs of modernity that he interprets in an inimitable way.

Today he finds himself in the ranks of contemporary creators, the future masters who will have marked the history of art. This was recognized at the outset by excellent galleries from Montreal, Paris, and the unmistakable Baie-Saint-Paul which had made us know the artist by the glider of the Symposium 1982. And the magic Paquet never ceases to spread through the great galleries of Canada: the public is moved unconditionally, because with Paquet, it is the satisfaction of the search for the essential