Born in 1952 in Sainte-Monique, Quebec, Pauline Paquin first lived in rural areas on the paternal farm where she began drawing at a very young age. At the age of five, she will even win a prize on the television show Maman Fonfon. At the CEGEP, having to choose between the arts and physical education, she opted instead for the nursing techniques where she will study for three years in Saint-Jerome. She then worked in Montreal as a nurse and, after a year, she resumes her studies to obtain a degree in nursing. In 1980, she had as a neighbor a painter who introduced her to oil painting and she began seriously to take an interest in this medium. Finally, in 1983, she decided to embark on this field and devote her life to it. Since then, she has exhibited in Quebec, Ontario and several galleries in western Canada. She is also a member of the Institut des Arts Figuratifs.
In fact, the world of childhood according to Pauline Paquin, would be perfect as a title of the whole of her work. With her, children are always celebrating, in the city as in the countryside. A fairy world of great vitality in colors, lines, shapes, in short, throughout the composition. A picture of this artist is a beautiful story, a beautiful story. True, the illustration side is present but the anecdote becomes universal. It seems that this paradise is never threatened by time because the vitality of Paquin breaks out in her paintings
The painting of Pauline Paquin is obviously narrative, but we should not stop at the anecdotes, the picturesque details, the "stories of children" that she proposes. "I was often told that my painting smiled and yet very rarely do I see the faces of my children, first because I do not like to dwell on details, and especially because they represent better all the children of the world, and not just certain individuals from here. "