Born in 1942 in Cantons de l’est, belongs to the latter category of landscape artist. He has rendered the Laurentians, North Shore and Charlevoix regions in varied yet personal works.

What strikes anyone viewing a Poirier painting for the first time is the extraordinary unity not only in each work but within his entire production. All the elements stem from the same tendency, seemingly linked by transitions and analogical curves, heading toward the same goal. Other qualities confirm this impression : the absence clashing colours or contrasts. In fact all tones are carefully shaded in general to cover as much space as possible with a thirst for size that leads to admirable perspectives.

Poirier’s oil paintings are much appreciated by collectors. He has shown in all major Canadian cities and also in France. A lengthy bibliography attests to the interest this artist has generated. Jacques Poirier knoes how to interpret the scenery of Quebec. His work provides faithful, invaluable visions that provide welcome relief from the stereotyped depictions of our countryside.

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