Poitras the artist has long been fallow. Already at the school of fashion, Jean-Claude Poitras overflowed the framework imposed by the technical drawing; He could not content himself with reproducing what he saw. On paper, he distilled the life and emotion of his female models, moved with the same enthusiasm with which he then dressed them.
A rainy weekend of the 1990s, the designer emerged his pastels and began to sow his ideas. Since then, he has been enriching his fertile soil, exploring watercolors, pastels, and Chinese inks, which he covers on rice paper. His luminous sculptures that complement his first exhibition as an artist in visual arts are a tribute to the beauty of women. His harvest Romeo and Juliet was offered on May 2, 2012 at the Galerie Roccia. An exhibition is scheduled for June 2016 at the Iris Art Gallery in Baie Saint Paul.