Born in Roberval in 1954, Gil Robitail began his studies in technical drawing and architecture in Alma in 1972. Co-founder of the comic book magazine "Tomahac" in 1973, he also became a member of the Association of Authors and Composers of Canada. Since then he divides his time between his two passions music and painting. Self-taught painter, it is his studies and his work in graphics that give him his approach so assured.
His work is undoubtedly inspired by the current "contemporary landscape" that the painters of the Institute of the figurative arts so well exploited. His traditional subject is spread in soft strata of colors but it is the modern form that takes precedence. His dynamic compositions make us travel through vast expanses and the depth of his paintings illustrate the great spaces of Quebec. The complex treatment of shadow and light makes his painting a singular work.
Robitail is represented in several galleries across Canada. The enthusiastic response of the public makes him a very promising painter. His works are part of several public and private collections in North America.