Carmen SMUTNEAC is an artist from Romania, who has been living in Montreal since 1997. A well-established artist, who over the years has developed a very personal style of artistic expression. 
Her research tames matter in all its forms. She often works in series and gives relief to the work to the limits of reality, thus proposing atmospheres of another dimension. Artistic approach Carmen SMUTNEAC often works in series with mixed techniques emphasizing relief and texture, including various materials or objects causing density.
These accumulations suggest a tangible effect on which impregnates a desire to bring back to another reality. Without the challenges or provocations of a bygone era, Carmen SMUTNEAC is an artist who could be classified between the surrealist and the dadaist movement.
Her visual processes, a certain figuration visions from a fairy thought and the disinterested play of the imaginary, where abstraction fulfills its role of background or atmosphere. An artist with a mutinous and caustic mind, who seeks to achieve freedom in her language and expression.
She mainly uses the unexpected juxtaposition of all possible materials and media to achieve her purpose.
While caring for a very particular aesthetic, she redefined and animated her artistic universe by her states of mind, thus testifying to her own experiences and touching an inner sensibility.


1979 Diploma of specialization- Institute of Visual Arts-Romania

1978 National Diploma of Fine Arts - Cluj-Romania

1973 High School Diploma in Plastic Arts - Cluj-Romania



2015 "The Procession of Time" Contemporary Space, Montreal



2013 "Around the light" with artist Lydia GOUTEUX, Contemporary Space, Montreal

2012 "Harlequin & Chimère" with artist Marc BLÉOO, Contemporary Space, Montreal

     "Traces of eclipses" with artist Ruxandra CAILEAN, Contemporary Space, Montreal



2016 "Contiguity", Gallery Collective, Sora Gallery, Osaka, Japan

2015 «CAPSQ» Belgium, «CAPSQ» Romania

2014 "Praise of Simplicity" The Collective Contemporary Space, Osaka, Japan

1996 Orizont Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, Bucharest Art Gallery, Romania



Several works are part of private collections in Canada, Denmark, United States, Romania, France, Australia.



2015 1st Prize, Figurative Art, 35th International Competition, CAPSQ, Belgium

2012 3rd Grand Prix in painting, in figurative reality, 29th International Gala of Visual Arts, Montreal

     The Gold Medal in figurative frontier, 36th international exhibition, Constanta, Romania

2011 The Great Distinction in Distinct Technique, International Gala of Visual Arts-28th Edition, Montreal

2010 Bronze Medal - International Competition of Plastic Arts Brancusi Center, CAPSQ, Montreal.

2007 1st Prize of the 7th Edition, International Exhibition in Visual Arts, Sibiu, Romania

2006 The Special Jury Prize, International Exhibition in Visual Arts, Timisoara, Romania

2001 Silver Brush - ART Group - Realistic Artists on Terraces, Montreal