New Migration
A wild land of infinite spaces, punctuated by a myriad of lakes, dotted with immense forests where only the breath of the wind is heard. This is a grandiose land that makes you enjoy freedom.
First a naturalist in the wildlife reserve of Cap-Tourmente (world-renowned for the observation of birds), Eric Tardif becomes sculptor. His reference that animates his creation.
Through steam, he forges walnut, Canadian maple, ash, cherry and elm to give life to a bird already in motion. The essences chosen afterwards give the bird touches sometimes serious, sometimes voluptuous.
From a passion of nature vast and wild are born graceful birds crystallized in their pure intimacy, immortalized in the movement by the artist. The technique of wood becomes then the momentary expression of an artist reporting his sensibility.

Artistic approach
In my work, I use steam wood bending, a technique discovered by a Czech engineer that allowed creators to explore different shapes and concepts. This technique has allowed me to create innovative artistic works for more than ten years. My passion for birds, their elegance and their movement become a reference that animates my creation.
My first objective was to reinvent the wood duck and rethink it in another context, in a more contemporary way. I use only wood from Quebec (Canada) including Black Walnut, Late Cherry, Red Elm, White Ash and Red Oak. The essences thus chosen give to the bird touches sometimes solemn, sometimes voluptuous but always expressing a feeling of great freedom.