Rock Therrien is a self-taught painter. Born in Armargh, Bellechasse County, a small picturesque village south of Quebec City, he spent his early childhood in the United States. Today, it is in Morin-Heigths, in the heart of the Laurentides region, that Therrien has established its workshops. From his environment, his many travels and music, he draws his ideas. The daily life also offers him a great source of inspiration for his art.
Young, Rock is already distinguished from other students in the arts by winning several drawing contests. Artist self-taught, Rock Therrien painted for nearly twenty years. Today he devotes himself mainly to the production of paintings depicting characters with rounded shapes in amusing and crazy situations and in which it is often possible to recognize oneself.

For each painting, Rock Therrien conceives a staging which he sketches beforehand on the canvas. Subsequently, he worked the material and the colors from a pictorial technique that he developed over time. The characters he invents evolve in another era and, to reinforce the idea of time already spent, the artist creates a wear effect by sandblasting his colorful and highly textured surfaces. Lovers of curves, he engraved circular patterns that adorned with signs and decorated with touches of color. Each painting is made from many superimposed pictorial layers. Rock likes to give a glimpse of his collage work, his sketches at the mine and even his applications of cement. It is for him a way of revealing certain stages of the construction of his painting.

He draws inspiration from fragments of his life, music and his many travels. His works are conceived as messages to be decoded and for him, each painting tells his own story. One can approach his work in several ways, because it contains clues that one discovers as one travels the web. At first, Rock tries to capture the attention of the viewer through the subject of his work and his palette of colors. Then he tries to make him smile by adding a humorous touch that completes the scene. He explains that all these elements inspire him and motivate him to push his limits constantly.
"Painting never appeared to me as obvious, but when it caught you, it pushes you to go further and get into matter. "
Among the numerous solo and group exhibitions that Therrien has presented during her career, we will mention "A Piece of Canada in Dubai" which was presented in September 2013 at the Opera Gallery in Dubai.

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