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Humberto Pinochet

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Humberto Pinochet

Born in Santiago, Chile, Humberto Pinochet is the son of Jorge Pinochet, a farmer, rancher and rodeo champion, and artist Sylvia Araya. He spent his childhood in southern Chile, on a ranch where painters, sculptors, writers and other members of the art community used to meet. His childhood in artists' studios greatly influenced his interest in the visual arts. 

While he said he was blessed to have been surrounded by creative people, he stressed that his career was also influenced by the desolate realities of war and exile. "I spent the first part of my university training under the yoke of a military dictatorship. Fortunately, when I arrived in Canada in 1977, I was able to complete my studies in the more serene atmosphere of the Faculty of Visual Arts at Laval University. » 

Driven by his natural curiosity, Humberto has made many trips, to learn more and more about the world and its history. These trips are a constant source of inspiration. His works carrying a great thematic diversity, are windows open to a world that the artist invites us to discover. Urban scenes, landscapes and marines are among his favourite themes. 

Throughout his career, Humberto has experimented with most mediums, but he always returns to acrylic, which allows him to better explore light games. He also devotes a great deal of time to photography and devotes himself to sculpture. His artistic imprint is marked by intense colors, subjects full of exoticism and above all light. His pictorial universe is constantly changing.  

Humberto Pinochet devotes himself passionately to his painting. He has participated in numerous artistic and cultural events around the world, including more than 100 exhibitions in Canada, South America, the United States and Europe. His works can be found in several galleries and corporate and private collections throughout Canada, the United States and France mainly.